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Thread: Xtreme V2?

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    Xtreme V2?

    Hey everyone we've been working in the background and I'd thought I'd share some pics of design since it's already been out in the wild now.

    This isn't necessarily the finalized version in terms of design and is only a static model so all the details aren't there yet, but we've got some pretty exciting features that have been integrated into the Xtreme v2. I won't go into all the specs yet (gotta save the surprise). But thought you guys might enjoy some inside look pics.

    Give us your thoughts and opinions. We'd love to hear them!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    First of all, it's gorgeous.

    I love the look/feel of the prop guards. My fiance agrees. She really thinks it looks great as well.

    I want to see what else you guys can tease for us coming up.

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    Wow, this looks fantastic ! A little like that Alien ship by HR Giger, I love it !
    Any ideas : It would be great if some parts would be interchangeable with aftermarket products, like motors, props and batteries. It also would be great to have some packages or add-ons, like :

    - V2 pure (affordable basic model)
    - GPS kit
    - Camera/FPV Kit (plug n play)
    - light kit
    - outdoor kit (lost plane alarm and/or beacon) ( I would buy it !!) ^^
    - variable camera angle facing front/down
    - Battery adaptor Kit for other connections
    - compatibility with older RC Logger hardware
    - Stickers !!

    IŽd love to see the final product in the future !

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    Gotta love the prop guards! FPV and GPS option would be great! Is it the same size? Hard to tell from the pic.
    How about RTF version with the 8 channel TX.

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    Oh....and better lights and standard type battery with balance connector.

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    Looking more closely, maybe those are lights in the landing gear feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimW View Post
    Looking more closely, maybe those are lights in the landing gear feet.

    Yes correct. The tip of the landing legs are actually illuminated. Rather cool isn't it
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Actually the V2 or "Xtreme Evolution" includes a 1-axis stabilized and controlled FPV camera and a 5.8 Ghz video transmitter. The battery is fully sitting inside the body to have a clean look. The "Xtreme Evolution" is shipped with a brand new 2.4 GHz transmitter including FPV monitor. Please watch for additional details here soon. Propellers are identical with the Navigator but we may change them prior to the final release since we are looking into the option to allow the Xtreme Evolution to fly inverted, thus requiring other propellers. We have not made a final confirmation concerning the propellers.

    Is inverted flying an option we should continue to look into? FPV and inverted flying appears to become more and more popular within the FPV community.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Sounds like I was pretty spot on with my ideas of what the EOXE would bring to the table. I'm quite happy so far

    Jamie, can you confirm AFHDS2A support for R8/i6? I'd likely want a BNF as I'm looking at getting your diversity headset when you release them, and I'm going to keep my i6 for the forseeable future.

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    Chris might have more data on the protocol. I have been a part of of these discussions with our development team, but haven't yet heard a definite of the finalized protocol. We are working on finalizing all details. Ultimately we would like to keep it in the "family" but also are looking at some new options and technology as well.


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