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Thread: EYE One S doesnot fly

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    Sad EYE One S doesnot fly

    I have a EYE one S copter, First day I started the copter, during the flight it got crashed and one of its wings got broken.
    I had replaced with a new wing, and tried to fly it. The copter didn't fly. After some days i checked it and noticed that replaced wing was wrong one, both the red ones were the same ( i.e both the red ones were right wings). I took the correct wing ( red left) and fixed it. Now when I start the copter it flips back wards with out flying up. I also noticed that one of the wing rotates for few secs and stops.
    Could you please help me how can i repair it.

    I had brought it from Germany Stuttgart on Feb 2016. Now i am using it in India Bangalore. My son is very upset because of it. I bought this as a gift to him and it is not working.

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    Hey DeepakHM,

    Welcome to the forums. I am sorry to hear of the issue that is occurring after the crash.

    If you haven't already done so please try a gyro reset on your EYE One S to see if this fixes the problem.

    Here are the instructions to perform this (click to enlarge):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Xtreme:EYE One Gyro Calibration Pic.png 
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    If this doesn't help you might want to recheck all props to ensure they are on correctly. Also inspect motors to make sure they all spin freely (one doesn't feel like it has more resistance than the others) and also make sure there's nothing that could be witholding a prop from spinning freely. Inspect motor shaft area's to make sure there's nothing that's gotten wrapped around it (like strands of carpet).

    Please try these first and see if that helps.

    RC Logger team member Jamie

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I will try this , may be it works...

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    It's flying after gyro reset. Thank you very much.

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    Great to hear! Hope you continue to enjoy the EYE One S.

    If you ever have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help.



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