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Thread: RTH / Fail Safe

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    RTH / Fail Safe

    Hi Support .
    I've been trying to set up:
    Can you let me know the correct procedure to set this up..
    In the remote I get RTH off , even though I've set it up :
    Power on drone , press blue tooth button , set up using the android app / IOS app.
    Any help appreciated
    Many thanks in advance

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    Hey Javid,

    When you state that it's showing RTH off is your D switch in the up (position 1) position? If so this is why it is giving you the RTH off notification.

    This notification is to inform you that the unit isn't in the process of Returning To Home. If you switch Switch D to position 2 then the unit will begin to Return to Home and at that point the screen should display RTH On.

    Something to remember is in order to record the spot you takeoff from as your home point, ensure that the LED's are solid blue on the Navigator before take off. This ensures a solid GPS signal. If you take off before that then the home point will be recorded somewhere else in the flight once it's gotten good signal, so always wait for the rear LED's to be solid.

    Also you were asking about that app. Have you already set up the drone successfully through the app performing the gyro and compass calibrations necessary to begin your first flight (radio calibration isn't necessary as it's already been performed at the factory)?

    Hopefully that helps. I am here to help and want to get you up and flying as quickly as possible.


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    Hi m8,
    Thanks for the tips.
    I had geo fencing height restricted to 7 meters , rth height was above this !!!
    Successfully tested it today with RTH height below geo fencing height , now works a dream.

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    hey Javid,

    So great to hear that you are setup and flying. Hope you enjoy the Navigator and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.



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