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Thread: Right front Arm replacement.

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    Right front Arm replacement.

    I flew my navigator 250 into a tree and snapped the FR Arm. I just replaced the front right arm.. when I take off the logger 250 just spins in circles? What should I do?

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    Hi and welcome to the community.

    It looks like either:

    a) Motor wire connection is incorrect -> Motor turns in wrong direction

    Solution: Carefully look whether the motor turns in the correct direction. Remove the propellers before you attempt this test! Stick a piece of paper against each motor and observe the rotation direction. The diagonal opposite from each other motors should turn in the same direction!

    In case the newly installed motor does turn in wrong direction switch two of the three motor wires of the affected motor. Switching out two of the three wires will reverse the turning direction.

    b) Incorrect propeller mounted (unlikely)

    Solution: Check whether all "R" propellers are installed at the correct location! There are left turning propellers and right turning propellers. Please refer to the user instructions for correct propeller installation.

    Most importantly -> A good idea is to re-calibrate the gyro after a harder crash. Hope this helps you to get the Navigator back flying.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Hello Matli,

    I had the same problem after a crash.

    Unfortunately, I also did not know, how to connect the cables of the new engine, because the three motor cables all look the same.

    Would it not be sensible, to offer markings on the cables, so that you know exactly, how the cables have to be plugged?



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    Hey Bernd,

    You'll actually find this is quite standard in the realm of hobby motors. The reason being for this is that it allows the motor to be used for either direction. Due to the 3 motor wiring often times a motor won't come off the assembly line exactly the same as the others, so this actually gives the user a little caution to ensure that the motor is spinning in the correct rotation and to check it on the ground with prop removed before trying to take flight. This keeps things safe and from damage being caused to the unit from a motor spinning in the wrong rotation.

    So yes color co-ordination could be added, but because of the manufacturing process there's not always a 100% guarantee that the color matching would make the motor end up spinning in the appropriate rotation.

    I hope that makes sense and explains why the standard for 3 wired motors is for all of the wires to be the same color (neutral).


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