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Thread: One Cam Monitor Compatibility

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    One Cam Monitor Compatibility

    Is the one cam only compatible with the RCL monitor? I'm looking to put together a system for under $100.


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    Hey Jim,

    The OneCam is on the B band range (5733-5866MHz), so as long as your video receiver has B band (most do, just check specs to ensure), then it will work.


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    I flew my EOS with the OneCam on a Quanum V2, KDS Kailin, and a FatShark Dominator V3. No worries!

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    Were they the Kylin vision goggles? What did you think of them. They go for about $99. I'm probably better off waiting for the EOX EVO and putting the money towards that. I would think a target release would be for holiday shopping season.

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    Yeah, the KDS Kylin Vision. They were nice. They had a really good monitor, FOV was huge and immersive. I liked the size/weight/comfort of the FatSharks, but the picture was way too small and they're far too expensive for what they are, IMO.

    The Quanum V2 is what I mostly flew with. The screen was okay, but not as vivid/sharp as the Kylin Vision, nor was it as "far". My eyes strained a bit with the Quanum. I felt slightly cross-eyed. The Kylin monitor felt much further away, and far more natural for my eyes to look at.

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    I hear all good about them. So many decisions to make in this

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    The Fatshark "style" are great for compact traveling, but I have to say once you've experienced the single screen larger immersive view it's really hard to go back to the small individual screens. A much more pleasing experience in my opinion with the full screen, as Saijin mentioned.

    Headed out tomorrow to the IFA show in Germany where we will be discussing some things as a team. Hopefully soon we might have a few other surprises for you including VERY nice, VERY cheap goggle option.

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    Well that made my decision easier. I'm gonna wait to see what you come up with. Getting off topic I watched a video about the Twist at the IRCHA show you were at. How come it doesn't show up on your website? Is it not on the market yet?

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    Hey Jim, yes it's not on the market as of yet. We are in the process of making some changes to up the performance even more. But in terms of design it's basically complete. Just some upgrades being made to it.


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