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Thread: Eye One S for Mode 2 with controler mode 1

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    Eye One S for Mode 2 with controler mode 1

    I used an Eye One S for mode 2, that is now out of order. But I could get another Eye One S but for mode1. Will the both play together or works a mode 1 copter only with a mode 1 controller and a mode 2 with an mode 2?

    Who knows that?


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    You can use either controller just fine. It'll just obviously have the throttle/controls on different sides of the controller.

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    That's great, thank you!

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    I had the same question and the mode 2 will bind just fine.
    Hey Saijin, I'm sure you saw the Labor Day specials. EOX ARF is soooo.... tempting. I'm probably gonna break down.
    LOL...I cant get it out of my mind.

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    I did! I'm still trying to sell my EOX, so there's nothing in the sale for me.

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    I bought two mode 3 eye ones on eBay and figured I could use the mode 2 eye one S controller but now that I have spent all this cash I can't even fly. Mode 3 is 915mhz and mode 2 S is 2.4ghz. Is there a 915mhz mode 2 controller out there!

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    We do have a few 915mhz controllers in stock in our warehouse.

    You can open a support ticket and we could work in getting one to you if you'd be interested in purchasing one.


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