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Thread: RCLogger FPV Goggles

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    RCLogger FPV Goggles

    does anybody have the goggles yet?

    I have them on order and hope to receive them soon. I will give my thoughts on them. I have glasses and I hope these will still work.

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    the picture is great the image is huge and very clear and the goggles work great but I have a problem with the battery pack set up is seems to have a intermittent button issue I have opened a support ticket and will go from there. will do a review soon as I get the battery sorted out.

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    Hi Jim,

    any news on the battery issue yet? Could you get things sorted out?
    And what about the goggles? How do they work for your? I am also interested in buying a Navigator and goggles, so any detailed information appreciated...

    Thanks and greetings,


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    Hi Frank

    Battery is sorted out and I must say I like the large field of view and clear image they have I'm farsighted and also have bifocal in my lenses but I can see very well with out them with the goggles. I'm very happy and the diversity works well so far in my tests. I use a RHSP on one side and a 3 turn helix on the other. the fit and finish is nice. I did not like the eye cups but found a great fit face foam plate from another place that is a perfect fit and the comfort is much better for my face. I plan to do a first look video as soon as I can get the time from work to do it. I will post it here when I do.

    Jim Z

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    Hey Jim,

    Great to hear that you got everything sorted Jim and are enjoying the goggles. Definitely looking forward to your video!


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    Hi Jim,

    thanks for the feedback. Like Jamie, I will be looking forward to watching your movies.



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    Hi Guys,

    unfortunately the FPV goggles by RC Logger, although it is certainly very good, can not be used as a spectacle wearer, because you can adjust neither the eye distance, nor the dioptrian number.

    But I have found an alternative, namely the Eachine VR D2.

    With these glasses you can move the internal lens and the facial field is, after some little insignificant adaptation work, so big, that I can even fly them with glasses!

    In addition, the resolution is very good and it has a diversity receiver, which leads to very minor disturbances when flying.
    If you are interested in them, please google some Youtube videos of it.



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    Hey Bernd,

    Thanks so much for sharing your information and glad you have found some that are working with your prescription glasses.

    This is unfortunately one of the struggles for us (I also have a prescription) that require the use of glasses.

    I am not sure what you're level of vision is (near sighted or far sighted and prescription), but if you are near sighted like I am and have a prescription ranging any where from -2 to -6 then there is a diopter set available that perfectly fit our goggles.

    I personally use these in my set and they work fantastic for bringing the vision clarity quite close to my prescription.

    Here is a link to a set of them:

    Please note that there are other places they can be found online as well, and I can't personally vouch for this vendor. But just wanted to give you a link so you'd know what to search for online if interested in purchasing a set of these for use on your RC Logger Goggles.

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying FPV. It's such a great experience!



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