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Thread: Fast Flash red LED after crash

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    Fast Flash red LED after crash

    Hi Everybody,

    This is something I should know by now with all of my crash experience.
    After a crash the flight mode LED sometimes flashes fast red. I have to disconnect and reconnect the battery to start again.
    Is there another way to do this? This is with both my EOX and EOS.



    P.S. I saw the new goggles on a video posted from Berlin. When can I order them and an EOX Evo?

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    Fast red flash usually indicates that the FCB has shut down the motors due to there being too much draw/detecting something blocking the motors/props.

    It mentions this behavior in the manuals of both the EOS and the EOX.

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    The manuals just say to restart the motors but they won't restart until I disconnect/reconnect the battery. I'm just wondering if there is a way to avoid doing that. It is caused by blocked motors because it happens when it's upside down.

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    For my EOS, I have to unplug/replug the battery like you.

    I vaguely remember being able to override that on the EOX by either switching the mode from the controller or re-arming them with the stick sequence. I have no idea if I'm misrembering that or not, though.

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    Sorry for slow reply. We've been at the IFA event and haven't been able to be on the forums much during the busyness of the show.

    Saijin, is right. It can be re-engaged on the Xtreme just by pulling the stick back down to re-engage the motors. This should get you back up and flying.

    Also inspect that the motors don't have any interference. You can also try cleaning off the board with a non electric conducting cloth and a dab of alcohol to make sure that all contacts and connections are clean.


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