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Thread: Transition manual- to altitude-hold-mode during ascending: not advisable (yet)

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    Transition manual- to altitude-hold-mode during ascending: not advisable (yet)

    Hello, RC-logger team,

    To get height a little bit quicker than in GPS- mode, I sometimes let the Novax ascend in manual mode and on the desired altitude, I switch over to altitude- or GPS- mode. However, while the Novax is still ascending, the motors will slowdown to idle and then the Novax is not able to correct itself to stay horizontal. Luckily for me, the Novax's ascending speed wasn't that much, so that the 'idle-time' was too short to flip the Novax totally over.
    I have read, there is a firmware- update coming. Maybe you could consider to test this issue and implement a solution for this in the next FW.


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    Thank you Andre for sharing this information with us. The reason for this is that in manual mode the auto-correction is turned off and the copter is able to more more freely on the axis. We have noted this as well, but there is an angle limitation to withhold the copter from getting at a more extreme angle or flipping over. We will discuss however with our developer in trying to improve this in the next release in our next meeting.

    Thanks again for brining this to our attention. We are always listening to the community and owners and value their input.



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