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Thread: My NovaX on a kitefestival with no wind

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    My NovaX on a kitefestival with no wind

    Not really an issue, but last weekend, I was at a kitefestival in Hamm (DE).
    Unfortionally, there was no wind, so I used my NovaX to get one of my kites in the air
    The yellow box- kite was attached and my NovaX had no problem with it.
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    Wow - Looks awesome. How high did you pull the kite?
    Looks like you just discovered a new application for your NovaX. So cool.
    How long have you been flying the NovaX?
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Hey, Chris,

    The maximum height, I was daring to fly, was about twice the height of the kite, you see on the picture.
    Some people wanted a closer look of the NovaX and wanted to know the name of the brand, so I promoted your products a little bit.
    I've been flying NovaX since february, this year and also flying EOX since september last year.
    With both quads, still having great fun.


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    That put's a smile on my face. What great innovation André. Glad you were able to get to fly with little wind.

    Maybe next time that it's really, really windy you can switch it up and have the kite fly your NovaX.

    Great to see you still enjoying the NovaX 350 and also the Xtreme.


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