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Thread: Using the RC Logger RX8 Transmitter with Steam and Liftoff

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    Using the RC Logger RX8 Transmitter with Steam and Liftoff

    Hi,RC Logger Fans,

    I`m in Germany and I`m using the original RX 8 Transmitter from the RC EYE Navigator 250 and my Question is the following:

    Is ist possible, to use these Transmitter with Steam`s Liftoff ?

    How could this work ?



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    Hi Bernd.

    Welcome to the community. The R8 has a "trainer port" and a simulator cable included to connect to your PC via USB. This allows you to communicate with your PC, mostly for firmware updates by may also work together with simulation software such as the game available at Steam. We have thus far NOT tested the game and are not sure whether the R8 transmitter works with the game.

    A good option would be to directly ask the game developer or the LiftOff online community in terms of remote control hardware requirements. At the same time we may also try to get further details.

    Hope you enjoy your Navigator!
    MatLi (Chris)

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    Hey Bernd,

    I have done some testing with the supplied cable and don't believe it will communicate with Liftoff with the provided cable. I have setup Liftoff before on other setups so I'm familiar with it's setup. It could very well be due to the fact that the supplied cable is used for the purpose of upgrading the Tx and therefor submits a different type of data then what's required for use with the simulator.

    I have ordered this cable:

    and will be testing to confirm whether using this cable I can get the transmitter to communicate or not with the Liftoff software.

    I will keep you updated.


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    Hi Jamie,

    If it turns out that the RCL R8 Tx can be used with Liftoff would that necessarily imply that my Flysky I6 would work also since they are the same protocol? Thanks, hope all is going well. I'm looking forward to new product releases!


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    Hey Jim,

    If it works with one than it should work with the other. The protocols are a little different as the protocol we use is specifically made for us but essentially yes they should work hand in hand. I should receive the cable tomorrow so I will test and update.


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    Hi Jamie,

    did you test the cable already ordered from amazon?



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    Hey Bernd,

    I apologize as I forgot to back to you on this. I didn't seem to get it to work with the R8 but did get it to work with a FlySky i6. I am going to spend some more time on trying with the R8 to see if I can figure out why it didn't want to seem to connect since the serial port should be the same.


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    Hi Jamie ,
    Greetings to you .
    Any news on the simulator for use with R8 ??

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    Hey David,

    I have tried a few other things bu still have not been successful. Following my response here, I am going to send an email to the Liftoff team to see if there is the possibility of them including our protocol in the system and also see if they have input if protocol isn't the cause of the issue.

    I will update when I hear something back from them.


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    Hello Jamie,

    I have ordered the same cable as you at "Amazon" in Germany and I have now actually figured out, how it goes!

    You must connect the cable to the RX 8 back plugin and then plug the USB into a free USB port on your PC. Then the USB plug flashes and a driver is loaded. Then you have to put the RX 8 into the "Studentmode," start it with "Yes" !

    Then start "Liftoff" and there in the "Options Menu" the "Controls".

    Go to "Set up manually". Then do everything exactly as described! Now you can play "Liftoff" with the RX 8 control. Try it out! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.




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