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Thread: POI - Arriving soon with a new FW/App release.

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    Any news about the update? The end of october is coming closer..


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    Hey Christian,

    Thanks for checking in. We are in the final stages of the POI testing. We are using what will probably be the final version of the app that will be made available to the public. Our automated POI testing is completed and is running very, very polished without any issues. We are finalizing up on the manual POI testing to ensure all is functioning as it should.

    When testing we run extensively testing every aspect and detail in a very repetitive fashion to ensure when it reaches the public it is completely safe and fully ready for release.

    I don't want to give an exact date in case any unexpected issue's should arrive but we should be releasing by the end of the month. At this point and from the testing we have performed I can say I am very confident in the POI flying and we have experienced zero issue's in what we feel strongly will be the final firmware before release.

    I will ensure to come back and update with any new information.

    Also we are wrapping up the POI testing to the point that we are also in the process of testing the follow me mode as well which will be released pretty quickly following the POI update release.

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    Ok, thank you for this detailed information. I'm still looking forward...


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    Hi Jamie,

    i am pleased to see that a new version of the EyeControl app is available, which also supports the new firmware version 2.1 of the NovaX 350. Unfortunately, I can not find a download link for the new firmware...


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    Hey Christian,

    The app is now available so glad that you found it.

    The firmware upgrade is coming as well but is not available yet. We should have it released this coming week to the public and it does include the new POI. We will make sure to share the update here on the website as well when it becomes available on the website for download.

    The new app runs a lot smoother than the previous version and some other bug fixes included as well.

    Have a great weekend Christian!

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