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Thread: LED flashing alternating red green

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    LED flashing alternating red green

    Hi All,

    Few nights ago i flew the EOX again after long break from flying. I have 5 batteries (3rd party) and everything went great till 3rd battery. Then on the fourth battery I might accidentally plug in reverse polarity and realised it within seconds. Now my EOX is flashing fast alternating red and green and can't be armed. Any fix for this issue? Did i just fried my board?

    Note: I had my EOX bind to my 9xr using R615x receiver.

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    Hello iftiah,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry to hear of the issue that occurred. Unfortunately if the battery was plugged in reverse polarity there is a very good chance something was damaged. However the fact that it is flash alternating red and green, means you should still at least try and rebinding.

    Red green alternating is an indication of the unit being in binding mode between the transmitter and the receiver.

    -Is your 9XR showing you any information letting you know that you are connected/bound to your R615X receiver?
    -Does your R615X show any led signal or give any indication that it still has power going to it?
    -If it does have power is it standard power or flashing letting you know it's in bind mode?

    Please double check all of this and try rebinding your 9XR AND R615X and see if that gets you back up and flying.

    If not let me know and we will see if there are other things we can do to troubleshoot.

    Jamie and the RC Logger Team


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