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Thread: Firmware Update - Version 2.1 Release: NovaX 350

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    Firmware Update - Version 2.1 Release: NovaX 350

    The version version 2.1 Release has now been made available for the NovaX 350.

    This release fixes the issue of the constant up and down roll of the X3 gimbal that has occurred (experienced by small group of customers). So if this has occurred with your unit than this should fix that issue.

    Following this release we will be very soon releasing the next update which will include the new Point Of Interest feature.

    Here is a direct download to the firmware with all pertinent information enclosed in the zip file as well.

    As always thanks for choosing RC Logger products and thank you for being a part of the RC Logger community.

    If you have any questions about the update or issues with updating don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.

    Jamie and the RC Logger team

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    did the update and all went well, now I don't have the constant camera roll that I had with the original set up. I'm very happy now

    thanks team

    Jim Z

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    Hey Jim,

    So great that you are able to enjoy the update and no longer have issues with the gimbal calibration. Enjoy and try and keep warm.


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