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Thread: XPO and other settings r8 transmitter navigator 250

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    XPO and other settings r8 transmitter navigator 250

    Hello ..
    We r using the navigator 250 as a platform too introduce drone racing to customers.
    Safe mode full gps is a bit tame ,after a while...excellent though... sports mode and race... are a bit aggressive for beginners..
    Wondering how to set xpo and other settings : when in GPS / ATTI and manual mode.
    Are there any instructions out there for the navigator 250...
    Many thanks in advance..

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    Hey David,

    Great to hear from you. Hope all is going well.

    Let me discuss with our team to confirm 100% but I believe we intend to incorporate adjustments directly into the Navigator app. This would allow the user to make adjustments like angle of attack and max speed and other adjustments of the nature for the user to dial in the copter more appropriately for their style of flying.

    I will check and confirm this. In regards to instructions, I am assuming you mean instructions directly related to your question, but just in case you mean in general, there is a much more details user manual to the Navigator that can be found on our website. Here is a direct link:

    I will get back to you on the updates regarding the app David.



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