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Thread: VRB extreme sensitive

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    VRB extreme sensitive


    When I turn the VRB knob on the 8 channel remote for the NovaX 350 pro to tilt the X3 gimbal, it will react fast. But there is still a lot of 'room' in the knob that isn't used. I can tilt the gimbal completely up to down by turning the knob just a bit. it's like it is taking very big steps. But I want to use the entire space, and control the camera with smoother movements.

    So is it possible to make it tilt slower, smaller steps? I can't find any documentation for the 8 channel remote to set this sensitivity.


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    Hey Rambouzi,

    This is a really great question. Definitely understand the desire to be able to have less movement with the turning of the knob.

    What you can try is adjusting the end points for the VR8 Knob (channel 8)

    You can find this in the systems menu under End Points. Adjusting the travel to lower percentages should allow for the gimbals range of motion to be less substantial with movements of the knob. Here is the manual in case you might find it helpful (End Points is found under section 11.5.2):

    Please first try this to see if it gives you more of the effect you are after.


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    Thanks Jamie for your answer,

    Unfortunately it still turns just as fast. Whatever setting I put it in, it will always turn the gimbal in about 4 points on the knob. The start and end points just move a bit. But the distance stays the same.

    Maybe there is a setting on the gimbal itself?


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    Hey Remco,

    I also tested today and received the same results. I am discussing with our engineering team to see if we can get changes made and include in a firmware update to help allow the controls to have more range of motion on the control of the tilt of the gimbal so that it's a smoother pan.

    It will either be incorporated in a new software for the gimbal or will be incorporated in a firmware update on the transmitter that gives more impact. I will keep you updated on this.


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