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Thread: RC Logger FPV-Glasses suddenly becomes white outside !

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    RC Logger FPV-Glasses suddenly becomes white outside !

    Hello Jamie,

    I have a buddy, who also flies the RC Logger Eye Navigator 250 with the original FPV glasses from RC Logger.

    Now he reports, that he has a normal picture in the house and as soon as he goes outside, the picture on his glasses suddenly becomes white and he can recognize anymore! He sees only scheming outlines!

    What can be the cause of that ?

    Could he something change in the camera of the Navigator 250 or in his FPV-Googles ?



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    Hey Bernd,

    Thanks for reaching out. Is the white coming from the camera built into the goggles (the front facing camera), or is it he is receiving the signal from the Navigator indoors, but then when going outside he gets static? If receiving static outdoors, it could very well mean there is interference in the area and that he is possibly picking up this interference that is attributing to this issue.

    If that is the case he can change the band/frequency on his Navigator and change it on his goggles as well to see if moving to a different band/frequency will make a difference.

    The band/frequency chart for the Navigator is found on the bottom side of the Navigator where the battery tray is. Using this chart please try changing to a different band/frequency and then changing the band/frequency on the goggles as well to ensure they completely match up.

    You may also want to ensure that all the antenna's are fully secured and tightened.

    Please let me know if this helps. We will work to ensure we get him back up and flying.



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