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Thread: Having serious issue with the camera stabilization.

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    Having serious issue with the camera stabilization.

    I just got the Navigator 250 and finished the calibration process. Removed the battery. Reconnected battery to test EyeControl application. The drone began making screeching sounds then started whining. Used application to factory reset. Same issue after the drone rebooted.
    Video after factory reset:
    As you can see if I touch the camera it stops for a second then starts up again. Drone has not been flown.

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    Disregard, returning as defective. I should of known better due to the lack of reviews on this product. It's obvious that it is cheaply made. It's a real shame. I spent a long time trying to get one.

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    Hey Valden,

    Thank you for reaching out to us here on the forums. I am really sorry to hear of the issue that occurred with your Navigator 250. I reviewed your video, and it seems as though the servo for the camera is getting locked up. Just a quick few questions. Was the camera lens cover removed before powering up? Sometimes the lens cover can rub the sides of the opening of the camera which can cause the camera to lock up like this. I see in your video that the cover was removed, but was wondering if you removed before or after powering the unit on? Also was the radio powered on before powering on the Navigator?

    Again I apologize that this issue occurred. We have sold many Navigator units without issue, and have many customers that have had great things to say about the Navigator. Of course this doesn't mean we won't have one that might have an issue every once in a while. Each unit is inspected and tested before leaving the factory to ensure the product is working before being packaged for shipping, but still issue's can occur along the way.

    If you return it and are interested in exchanging it for a replacement please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. The Navigator is still the only FPV racing style drone on the market, that's built for the absolute beginner, with the single axis gimbal stabilization and GPS so it's definitely one of the better options for learning to fly successfully in this category.

    Just please know we are here to help in any way we can and if you do decide to return only I hope you will consider us again in the future. We take pride in our products and our support with the hopes to offer our customers the best experience possible.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    The only time the lens cap was on was during the initial calibration. I tried powering on the drone first then transmitter. Transmitter then drone. Tried turning off the camera stabilization with the application. Always the same result. I was already having to return an extra set of propellers due to the package only containing two propellers. I figured might as well return the drone as well.

    Might consider not shipping the drone with the antenna connected. The antenna was loose and separated from the connector on the drone I received. Also, I think it would be better to ship without the propellers attached. One of the propellers on my drone was warped from being placed in the container wrong. Another reason is due to the calibration procedure. Having the user remove the propellers would not be needed if they were not already attached.

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    Hey Valden,

    Thank you for your response and input. If it didn't stop after turning it off in the app, then it definitely is locked up it sounds like. Although we have had this issue occur before it's not a common occurrence so I'm sorry that this happened to the unit that you received.

    We also value your input. In regards to the antenna and propellers being mounted, we do this in hopes to provide the customer with the most Ready To Fly out of the box experience possible. We of course encourage the user to check and insure the antenna is properly secured before flight. The other reason we have it installed is for users that might not have knowledge of FPV, powering the unit without the antenna installed can quickly cause damage to the video transmitter due to it trying to push power to the antenna which isn't there and can cause overheating.

    As for propeller removal it's something we mention as a safety precaution to the user. However if the user is confident and doesn't have the radio powered on these procedures can be performed safely with the propellers installed. We definitely always take safety as a very serious matter though and is why we do make mention of this in the quick start guide.

    Again I want to apologize that you didn't have the experience that you hoped for with the Navigator and hope we will have another opportunity at some point to give you a better impression of the RC Logger line of products.

    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valden View Post
    Disregard, returning as defective. I should of known better due to the lack of reviews on this product. It's obvious that it is cheaply made. It's a real shame. I spent a long time trying to get one.
    Sorry for your troubles with the Navigator. I can say that after owning many quads of all kinds for years that the Navigator is a well made unit full of many things it can do for the beginner and seasoned flyer. I have had mine for a long time and it has work well for me give RCLogger a chance to make it right with you. They are great to work with and have great service/ help set up.

    Jim Z


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