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Thread: X3 pro gimbal art no 10010rc

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    X3 pro gimbal art no 10010rc

    Does anyone else have the pro gimbal art no 10010rc ?

    This one is the quick release version there should be 4 black standoffs supplied

    Unlike the 10009rc where the gold standoffs are permanent once fitted

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    Hey rocket1978,

    Thanks for reaching out to ask about them. I believe you also opened a ticket to ask about them as well. If this is correct, then it seems that your standoffs were not in the box from your order.

    No worries we will handle making sure we get a set of the standoffs sent out to you via our ticketing system.

    I apologize that these weren't included. Due to the design change than all newer NovaX 350 models have them already included in the design, so they aren't packaged in the X3 Pro due to this. However, we keep them on hand for this exact reason to make sure those that have the older model of the NovaX 350 can also update to the newer stand offs to be used with the X3 Pro.

    We will update your ticket shortly with the needed information to get those shipped out to you ASAP.

    Best regards,


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