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Thread: RC EYE Xtreme V2: An Introduction

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
    Hey guys,

    Here's your Saturday teaser.

    The Xtreme V2 drone stands out from the crowd. With unique design characteristics and lines that draw attention, we put a lot of attention into the details. Looking forward to unveiling in just 2 days at the opening day of CeBit 2017. Stay tuned for more!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Xtreme V2 Teaser Ad - Canopy.png 
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
    Tomorrow is the day of the unveil. Here's one last "look" before we unveil.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Xtreme V2 - Teaser Ad - Camera.png 
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    looking good

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    Your're about 6 hours ahead in Germany so by tomorrow noon my time I hope to be placing my order.


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    Cmon Jamie, it's gotta be about 5 pm in Germany. Where is it? 🤓

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    Hey Jim,

    My greatest apologies. Stayed crazy busy at the show and our connection service for uploading/getting on the internet is quite busy. It looks like a few pics from the show already got posted today over on our Facebook page. You can check them out by going here:

    Here's also a quick introduction video for you.


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    Sorry for being so impatient. I just saw the video and full description. I want one with the racing kit. What kind of battery connectors does it use? How much more for the racing kit version? Will you be posting any video of it in the air? Lol, I'm very excited. Please let me be one of the first to be notified when I can order one.

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    Hey Jim,

    No worries. We are impatient as well.

    The racing option will be an accessory, so no worries you can add it, or even just purchase the 3s lipo's only as an upgrade.
    The connector is proprietary as it will come stock with a USB charger for the consumer packaged product. However we will also include a connector adapter allowing the user to use standard hobby batteries with XT30 connectors.

    No price yet on the upgrades, but we will definitely let you know once we have all the final pricing.

    We will definitely be getting some flight video here soon. The show samples are the very first of their kind, so we will get some flight footage soon.

    And no worries we will let everyone know when pre-order is ready.

    Here's a quick view of the first day at CeBit.

    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    I see three blade, four blade.....what's with the props and why did you go with more than two blade.

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    Nevermind.......I bought a Hubsan X4 . Thanks anyway

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    looking good guys


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