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Thread: Updates Refinements to original 250

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    Updates Refinements to original 250

    I'm just wondering if there will be a 'new and improved' version of the 250 soon. I don't even own the original and this is not in any way meant to imply it needs an upgrade. The 250 is my drone of choice to jump into GPS and FPV (although now its become complicated with the EOX V2). I just don't want to buy the 250 if a couple months from now there will be a 'new' 250.



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    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for reaching out. In regards to your question, we are currently playing with a few prototype concepts for the 250, but nothing is currently on the table as the finalized product. So unfortunately I can't give any exact timelines or even confirm if a true v2 will be released or a completely different type of product like a Pro version.

    We are currently working along side the possibility of creating a product for the purpose of a nationally known racing league so this could have great impact on our next design/release.

    The Navigator definitely offers some of the most unique features on the market for this category by offering the GPS, bluetooth connectivity, Task Point Command System autonomous flying and more. So it's certainly in it's own category for being the ultimate beginner drone for learning FPV.

    Sorry I can't give more specifics, but hope it does give a little more insight.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you Jamie. Build the racing drone!


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    Quote Originally Posted by JimW View Post
    Thank you Jamie. Build the racing drone!

    We are officially moving forward on it this week.


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    Hi Jamie,
    Just one more thought then I'll leave you alone. Develop a whoop drone from the EOS!



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    Hey Jim,

    I think you might like what we have coming in quarter 4 this year. 😉


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    Quote Originally Posted by jlcamp7 View Post
    Hey Jim,

    I think you might like what we have coming in quarter 4 this year. ��

    Hi Jamie


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    He's torturing us again. 🤓

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    I promise I'm not. I wouldn't have said anything had JimW not mentioned it. :P

    We are finishing up the very, very tiny details on Xtreme V2 (Creation of production mold process has already started) and then we are fully focused on the "micro" coming for the indoor season. Fully focused though doesn't mean we don't have even another project or 2 happening along the way as well.

    Promise once we have more to release, you guys here in the forums will be the first to know.

    Best regards,

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    Can I take pics and videos with the 250 or is the camera just for fpv. Does it have a micro SD port.


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