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Thread: Little issue and a question about firmware update.

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    Little issue and a question about firmware update.

    Hi all

    got my Navigator a few weeks ago and must say: it's a perfect quad for beginner fpv!
    After a few flights i got a problem: after the low voltage beeper startet i started RTH. In the middle of the way home the quad began to land (i think because of to low voltage?) and suddenly it fall out of the sky. From about 8 meters (RTH hight set to 10 meters). Shouldn't it land before the voltage is so low that the motors stop?

    The other thing: i searched for a time, but i can't find any firmware update for the Navigator. Cause the FC is based on the Nova, can i update the firmware of the Nova to the Navigator? Because features like Task Point Command System or autonomous flying is not possible with Version 1.0. And will there be an update for the EyeControl:Navigator app (for implementing the TPCS or do i have to use the standard EyeControl app?

    Thank you for the great product,


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    Hey Tobi,

    Welcome to the RC Logger community! We are glad to have you. It's great to hear that you are enjoying the Navigator and it's doing it's job as a beginner FPV quad.

    In regards to your questions.

    The low voltage warning is an indication for the user to land. It is in 2 different stages: First warning low voltage (1 beep every 5 seconds) and second warning low voltage (1 beep every 1 second). We have supplied these as indicators for the pilot to bring the quadcopter in for landing. The unit itself will not land on it's own. The reason we chose to not go this route is there have been too many stories of other drones/brands having this feature and the product landing in water (lake/ocean) or high up in a tree. Because of this we chose to feature the warnings for the pilot to take control and get the quadcopter safely landed.

    As for firmware update to the Navigator, we should be releasing a firmware this next week that will be public. It will incorporate the all new buzzer function that allows the R8 radio to also make a beeping sound in cordinance with the the low voltage beeping that occurs on the Navigator itself. This is helpful for when the Navigator buzzer might not be noticeable due to the distance it is away from the pilot.

    Also in this release will be the Task Point Command System update. We have been testing and found a few small bugs, but we just began testing the update and it seems they have been fixed. We are continuing test over the next few days, just to ensure no issues (these are small bugs, that probably most wouldn't even notice) and then we will release.

    Following that we will be testing the POI and follow me modes in preparation for public release.

    I hope this helps answer your questions.

    If you have more don't hesitate to ask. This is a great community with lots of helpful people. We are all here to help and learn and grow together.

    Will also post the firmware updates here when they are available.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    Hi Jamie
    The buzzer for the TX has been something I have wanted for a while, great news that it will be coming soon.

    Thanks to the RCL team for all your great work.

    Jim Z

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    Hi Jamie,

    thank you for your nice answer. Good to hear that the firmware updates will come in soon. The R8 beeper is a perfect feature to have, especially if you fly with goggles (no OSD).

    Good to hear that you don't have the low voltage landing, but now im curious what happend to my Navigator. It was definitely descending about 20 meters away from home point (while RTH and low voltage) and then dropped out of the sky.

    Another thing: im learning full manual mode (Acro) with this quad. So im crashing alot Every time i crash one arm breaks, the rest of the quad is perfectly fine and can withstand every crash until now. It was possible to fix the arms with glue, but after a few breaches the arm is irreparable. In Germany one arm will cost me around 30€, but i only need the arm and not the motor. Could it be possible to get only the plastic arm (without motor and LED) for cheap as a new product on the German seller Conrad?

    Thank you again for your help and the good work.


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    Thanks Jim, it should be released this week. Just might take a few days to show up in the app store, for the app release.


    The unit once it reaches the end of the low voltage warning will essentially shut the motors down. This is the reason it probably came down so quickly. We do this to ensure safety of the battery. If it goes any lower than this point than it could cause damage to the battery or even destroy it. So the low voltage cutoff is to keep the battery safe and keep it useable.

    In regards to offering just the plastic arms without the motors, it can actually be tricky to change out the led/motor due to the way the wires run through the center of the arm and around the "folding" rod. This requires the user to have to pull out this rod and all hardware, run the wires and re-install. Due to the complicated aspect of this then we chose to offer the arms with the motor/led already installed. It's a bit more expensive, but offers a much easier and quicker repair for the customer.

    I can however discuss with our team if offering just the arms as a spare set would be possible.

    We actually did pay attention to the plastic that we used in the arm design to ensure it worked well with super glue for quick and easy repairs should an arm break.

    It's really great to hear that you are learning to fly full manual mode. This is the ultimate end goal. It takes time and practice, but once you are fully confident in this mode you can pretty much fly anything.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    Hi Jamie,

    another question i got, is there a way to change the PID Settings and Rates on the Navigator 250? The Tweaker tool doesn't work for it. Or will it be possible to change them with the new firmware update inside the Smartphone app?

    Thank you


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    Hey Tobi,

    The Tweaker software, is for our older line of products, the RC EYE 450/650.

    Currently there isn't an option to control/adjust the parameters of the Navigator. It is based on the already set settings. However, we do plan to implement a 3rd bank that can be customized by the user using the app. This won't be available in the upcoming release, but will hopefully be available soon.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    Hi Jamie,

    sad to hear, changing the PID-settings is an essential thing to customize your quad to your needs when flying full manual mode.
    I encountered some oscillations in the quad while flying full manual in wind and sharp turns. And i wanted to tune the PID-settings for a smother flying.

    I hope you can provide us with the possibility to change the PID-settings very soon in the app or with a little PC tool (this shouldn't be a big problem to create).

    Thank you


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    Hey Tobi, we will see what we can provide in the next app update. Will discuss with our engineering/development team.


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    Hi Jamie
    Any update on the app release ?



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