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Thread: EOX V2 and R8 Tx

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    EOX V2 and R8 Tx

    Can the R8 tx be used with the EOX V2? How
    about with the original EOX?

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    Hey Jim,

    We are currently working on the solution for the R8 to work with the new V2. It will be a PPM/sBus plug in receiver option.
    The R8 will also work with the original EOX if you purchase the R8 PPM receiver found here:

    If you check the gallery section of the receiver link above you can see how the receiver is mounted to the original Xtreme.

    Just one thing to note if using the R8 radio with the original Xtreme or even the new V2. Due to the spring loaded throttle (mid-stick mode) it takes a moment to get used to since the Xtreme/v2 isn't made for mid-stick mode flying. It's not a bad thing, but just something to be aware of. Essentially when doing the channel learning process for the Xtreme you'll need to hold the throttle down (since it's spring loaded) before you start the channel learning.

    The other option is to remove the spring on the throttle on the R8 radio so that it's no longer a midstick radio. Of course then doing this you no longer have this feature for the Navigator/NovaX. Again not a problem, just preference.

    The instructions for removing the spring is in the manual and the required hardware to change it out is included with the R8 radio.

    With that said, I also think you guys will really like the radio included with the V2. It's actually quite a nice radio that feels really good and ergonomic in the hands. Plus you get the built in screen. Also the radio will work with a number of future products.

    Best regards,

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    Yeah ....I know ...I want the EOX V2 radio. I'm just looking at all options for 250...350...V2...I'm looking for the one perfect drone. I guess my question would all of you out there. ...if you could have one drone to choose from ...250 or 350....which one?
    The reason I looked at R8 compatibility is if I end up with all of them.



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