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Thread: HUGE Sale! RC EYE NovaX 350 Product Line

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    Hey arf24,

    Welcome to the forums. Great to have you!

    I apologize in my delay of response to your question. I was on vacation all of last week.

    In regards to your questions, I will check with our team to confirm the final date of the sale, but I think current pricing is set for the next little while.

    The availability of replacement parts shouldn't be an issue for a long time to come. We always ensure a strong stock of parts to ensure our customers are able to enjoy our products for the long haul. With that said I do have one NovaX 350 unit that was one of the original test samples from over 2 years ago and now probably has 300 hours at least of flight time on it. To this day nothing has had to be replaced on it other than a prop here and there from crashes.

    Of course with any electronics anything can happen, but I say they to mention that the NovaX 350 in terms of reliability has been an extremely reliable product. I don't think there's ever been the requirement of us shipping out a motor or esc. They are built to last and endure.

    I hope that helps. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. I am happy to help assist in anyway I can.

    Best regards,

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    Is the NOVAX 350 ending production soon?

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    Hey Korn,

    Thanks for asking. We are no longer developing the RC EYE NovaX 350, but still have stock and will continue to carry stock of the NovaX and all accessories to support our customers for a long time forward just as we always have with our products.

    I hope that helps answer your question.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you for the response. I had one more question. I recently got a response from customer service that they were working on a follow me function for the 350. Is this true or like stated in you previous response no more development?

    From RCLOGGER email dated 7/12/17:
    "Thank you for contacting us. Your ticket with number 584136 has been assigned to me. My name is XXXX and I am here to help and assist you with your inquiry.

    Thanks for your interest in the NovaX Silver. This limited and special edition was just launched few months ago. Together with the latest firmware released, the NovaX Silver now has the POI (Point-of-Interest) function which is able to keep it focused on a central point of flying. The follow-me function is now under the final testing stage and it will be released in the next firmware update very soon. "

    Thank you
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    Hey Korn,

    Yes the Follow Me feature is being worked on. We've almost got it completed. There was a Data Packet error (too much data processing), that we had to overcome, but we have now figured it all out and are in the final stages of testing, so the firmware for this will be released very shortly.

    I hope this helps answer your question. Should you have more questions don't hesitate to let us know.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team


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