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Thread: POI and TPCS now available for the Navigator 250 - Free Firmware update released.

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    Hey Sven,

    Great to hear that you were able to get your phone out of that state and finally get it updated. You are not the only one to experience these issues. I've myself ran into the same experiences before. So definitely know how frustrating it can be.

    I hope you were able to get setup with the T.P.C.S. Definitely looking forward to hearing back from you. I hope you will enjoy it's use.

    Just to note sometimes when first connecting with the app it can be a little unsure, due to the initial connection and exchanging data. But after the first or second time then it speeds up the connection process and shouldn't have really any issues after that.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Sven.

    Good news

    Ich habe die beiden Boards jetzt bei mir auf dem Tisch liegen. Bitte sende mir deine Adresse sowie Telefonnummer an Danach werden wir dann die weiteren Datails mit dir arrangieren. Wir werden die beiden Platinen zuvor noch komplett für dich testen.

    Chris aka MatLi

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    Hello Chris.

    Thats really good news.

    Auch das mit dem Testen bestaetigt einmal mehr euren top-notch support.

    Ich habe an o.g. email meine Adressdaten samt Telefonnummer gesendet.

    Ich freue mich wirklich !

    Bis bald.

    Grüsse an Dich und auch an den Rest des Teams.

    (Sven)Tassilo Rasch

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