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Thread: drone gets warm standby. camera tilt and calibrating.

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    drone gets warm standby. camera tilt and calibrating.


    i just bougt the navigator. i am having some issue with calibrating.

    first when i unboxed the drone. the camera was tilting when standing stil. is this normal?

    second the drone get realy warm without using it. is this normal?

    i tried factury reset and after that i was not be able to calibrate the drone. only the right behind rotor turns. maybe because of calibration while the drone is too warm in stand by modus.

    i hope you can help me.

    gr Dimitri

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    Hey Dimitri,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Sorry to hear of the issues that you are having with your Navigator 250.

    First off welcome to the RC Logger community. We are glad to have you. I apologize in delay of response to your questions. I was on vacation all last week and am usually one of the first to respond, so please accept my apology.

    In regards to your questions.

    The Navigator can get warm when sitting due to the video Tx being installed internally with all of the other electronics. So this can be quite normal since everything is enclosed in the housing.

    You made mention of the camera tilting when standing still. Upon first powering up the unit the camera will tilt up and down a few times as a part of the calibration. Then it should hold still based upon the angle it is set to. Then when moving the unit the camera should tilt up and down to always keeps the camera level to the horizon. To adjust the camera tilt angle you need to use the VRB knob on the R8 radio to adjust the angle of tilt of the camera.

    To help with calibrations please follow along with our video series as it might be helpful if you haven't watched it before.

    If you are experiencing issues with not all 4 motors starting it could now require an ESC calibration:

    In order to do this, all you will need is your Navigator and lipo (radio off).

    Plug in battery and immediately after plugging in, hold down the right rear button integrated into the right rear led. Keep holding and you should experience a range of beeps and sounds (once the process begins you can release the button). Once the calibration procedure is complete (no more beeps), power down the unit. Now power up your Tx and the Navigator and see if that fixes the issue you are experiencing of not all of the motors starting.

    Please know that if there is an issue with your unit we will fully support you and the product to ensure we get you up and flying and enjoying the Navigator 250 as quickly as possible. Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,


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