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Thread: Retractable Landing gear not working

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    Contribution Retractable Landing gear not working

    Just purchased a NovaX 350 Silver Edition. Had a great first flight, except color of the body was "yellow/clear/tan" both front and rear. Thought that it was supposed to be "Blue". My problem is that during the second flight, the landing gear would not retract? How can I "reset" the landing gear?

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    Hey KSHobbyFlyer,

    I responded to your other question, but I apologize as I didn't welcome you to the forums in that post. So welcome to the RC Logger forums. We are glad to have you join us.

    Also as mentioned in the other thread I'm sorry for delay in response. I was away for vacation last week but am now back, so you can expect much quicker replies.

    For the mention of the yellow color you experienced while flying, this is actually what's known as Aerial Photography mode (or AP Mode). If you have the gimbal plugged into the unit then the NovaX 350 defaults into this mode as it has flight characteristics to help keep the NovaX smooth and level in forward flight to help in the smoothing out of the video shots.

    This was a mode we implemented specifically for using aerial photography and video. But also you can turn this flight mode off by using the NovaX: EYEControl App found in the iTunes store or Android Marketplace. If you turn this mode off then the unit will give you the blue LED's for the GPS flight mode.

    Here's a guide to the app for v2.0 which included this new feature. You'll find information to the AP Lock mode starting around the 2:30 mark.

    In regards to the landing gear not retracting this is strange, so let's trouble shoot on it to see if we can figure out the issue.

    Do you have Switch A in the up position when powering on the radio and the NovaX 350? When flipping the switch down do you see or hear any activity from the retracts or do they just stay stationary? Look closely for any movement trying to occur.

    If no movement have you removed the top canopy cover (carefully) to check and ensure both the retract servo connectors are plugged in?

    Please check these initially and let me know if this helps.

    If not we can inspect closer on the landing gear.

    Please know if there is any issue's with your unit we will gladly work with you to ensure we get you up and flying with everything working like it should as quickly as possible.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks Jamie for your response, hope you had a nice vacation!

    You were correct in that I had enabled the AP mode in the Eye control app. Thanks for teaching me something new! I disabled that function so that I could experiment with the different flight modes. The next power-up of the NovaX settled in the normal "Blue" color of the front and back LED indicator lights.

    I made sure that all the switches on the radio were in the up position, powered on the radio, then powered up the NovaX 350, I connected the EYEControl app and checked all the settings. Then I tried moving switch A in the down position, no sound or click came from the NovaX 350 and the legs didn't move. I unplugged the battery, then carefully removed the canopy, checked both the connecting wires for the landing gear. I couldn't remove them due to the fact that they were hot glued in place?? Picture attached of the right side gear wire connection. Not sure where to go from here, contemplated the "reset to factory" in the EYEControl app, however I will wait for your instructions. Thanks again for your help! Have a SUPER-FANTASTIC day.

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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks so much for the detailed response. Super helpful!

    It seems like everything is at it should be.

    You could try performing a fresh radio calibration just to see if this makes a difference. Maybe somehow channel A lost it's data. Not common or has happened before that I'm aware of, but worth a try.

    Other than that one last thing I would check closely is the joints of the NovaX 350 retractable landing gear. in the center joint area you'll notice little black pins that go through a hole at the joint. Sometimes these can slide out a bit which causes the landing gear to not be able to move/retract. So check to see if the black pins have slid out any and are stopping the mechanism from traveling through the opening of the carbon fiber plate.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If neither of these work, then please open a support ticket and we will support you in replacement to get you up and flying correctly.

    Rest assured it's a top priority to us that you get up in the air and enjoying your NovaX 350 with everything working as it should.

    Best regards,

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