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Thread: Transmitter question

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    Transmitter question

    I have a Nav.250. The sales team at Flitefest East told me that the Tx was a commercial Tx, not proprietary. True? Will it work with other Rx such as Tyranis or Fr Sky? If so how would it bind? Any instructions?

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    Hey Nebuchadnezzar,

    The transmitter is not proprietary in that it will function with other aircraft when using our PPM receiver's that we have available to purchase individually.

    So any other craft that you want to install and setup using a PPM type receiver can be done so using the version that works with our protocol.

    Here is the receiver that can be used with our R8 radio:

    Also for more information on binding and setting up you can use the R8 manual found on our website:

    Also I don't believe it has been verified on our end but it may be possible to use the FlySky protocol call receivers as well since they basically function using the same protocol. But again this hasn't been confirmed so it would be taking a chance to try this.

    With our receiver then it's of course proven as it's the Tx/receiver combo we use in our products.

    I hope this helps answer the question and should you have more don't hesitate to ask. Will be happy to help however I can.

    Best regards,


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