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Thread: x3 gimbal

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    x3 gimbal

    Im new at the forum

    I have had a Novax 350 for some time and now I have bought a X3 gimbal. I need some help to install it. Where should the plug go to connect it to the novax reciever, for instance? I think I see a possible place for it, but I need some support.

    Have seen an older info sheet for the gimbal where it says that a camera should be installed before power it up. Is this due to mechanical reasons or is it of electrical reasons?

    I have an old Denver Camera with a HDMI output. Can I use this HDMI output to the x3 gimbal?

    I live in Sweden and I apologize for my somwhat mysterious English


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    Hey Lars,

    Thanks so much for reaching out to us here on the forums. We will certainly be glad to help answer the questions you have.

    Firstly in regards to mounting the camera before powering the gimbal. This is required due to both mechanical/electrical and is standard for all gimbals. If you power a gimbal and there isn't a camera mounted then the gimbal is trying to balance without anything of weight being mounted on the gimbal. Due to this it is possible either a motor or electrical component could become damaged since it's working to try and balance something that doesn't exist (camera in the mount).

    So the camera doesn't have to be connected in terms of wires, just mounted to the gimbal to help counter balance the weight when the gimbal is powered on.

    For actual setup of the gimbal to connect to the NovaX 350, you will need to run the vTx power and tilt control using the supplied cable out of the front of the gimbal and to the X port found underneath the canopy.

    Here is cable running out of front of gimbal:
    (click to enlarge)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	X3 Cable to Gimbal.jpg 
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    And here is cable running up and connected to X port
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	X3 Cable to PDB.jpg 
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    Now the vTx will be powered anytime the NovaX 350 is powered.

    To power the gimbal itself take the white balance connector attached to the gimbal and plug it in to the white balance calbe on the NovaX 350 battery (lipo).

    In regards to plugging in your camera to get live video feed, you would need to use a micro USB cable. There is one supplied for the Xiaomi Yi, HOWEVER please note, that I don't know the pin layout of the Denver camera and can't find much of any information online regarding this, so there is no guarantee that the Denver camera has the same pin layout as the Xiaomi Yi camera. If this is the case then it could cause damage to your camera or gimbal, if the wire order isn't the same.

    So unfortunately I wouldn't chance hooking up the video out signal unless you could somehow figure out the pin layout and ensure it's the same as the Xiaomi Yi.

    I hope this helps. Also your English is really great!

    If you have any other questions about this or anything else please don't hesitate to ask and we will do what we can to assist you in this.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you for this info, its very helpful. The Novax belongs to my son and of course he has connected the USB-cable to the Denver camera. Hope nothing is damaged.
    The only info I find about the camera is that the USB is input to the camera and the HDMI is output from it, video signal. Can I use the HDMI? Is there a cable I can use for this?
    We had the camera in the X3 from the start, the weight was there, and also, we had the antenna connected the X3 before powering it up with the balancing plug.
    I need to configure the transmitter? This is described in the U-tube about the X3 gimbal?


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    Hey Lars,

    In regards to controlling the tilt of the gimbal you shouldn't need to do any configuration on the radio itself.

    Just use the VR B knob found on the radio and as long as the cable from the gimbal to the X port is connected correctly than you should be able to tilt the gimbal up and down.

    Are you receiving power to the gimbal and is it holding the camera balanced when powered on?

    Unfortunately there isn't an HDMI cable available for the X3 gimbal, as GoPro and Xiaomi Yi that are the more popular camera's use the micro or mini USB as the video out for first person view flying.

    If you are running into any issues at all regarding the gimbal just let us know and we will be glad to help however we can.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    Hello Jamie

    When the gimbal is powered up with the balancing plug, it starts to keep the camera in a balanced position (looking forward) and keeps the camera leveled.
    When the Novax is powered up the gimbal starts doing a couple of calibrating moves, looking up - down - up -down. Then it stops at a downwards position and the VR B knob seems to be out of range, only in the end of the knobs action, theres a small lift of the camera, otherwise it looks downwards. When disconnectin the battery, the gimbal lifts the camera to look forward again.
    Something with the transmitter? Or the way I connected it (I think I did it right)

    Best Regards/Lars

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    Hey Lars,

    Would you mind taking a pic of the connector plugged into the X port on the board and sharing.

    You can also yourself check and ensure it is connected the right way. it can plug in either direction, but pay close attention to the white outline on the X port on the board. It helps show the orientation of the connector. There is a small little tab that sticks out on one side of the black plastic housing of the 3 pin connector. Ensure that little tab is matching up with the white outline diagram on the board.

    It sounds like everything is performing the way it should, other than you not getting the control of the tilt like you should.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Jamie

    I have now double checked and the gimbal X plug is correctly attached. I have noticed the marking on the board when I connected in the first place. Also, I have measured the cable to be sure that cable itself is correctly routed.

    Encouraged by a U-tube film about the gimbal showing how to change the settings I went into the aux. channels settings. I have tried with reversing channel 8, I have tried to change to VRA instead of VRB for the channel (8) Strangely, I don’t manage to make the changes to stay. Immediately after, when I again enter the menu, its back to its original settings. Am I not allowed to change here? (this is why I cant say if it helped to reverse the ch 8, for instance)

    I changed the End points to 120%, 0% and then I could see that the gimbal looked a bit closer to the horizon, so it seems that the problem has to do with communication in some way? And then, the settings went back to 100%, 100%, without me asking for it.

    My son has installed the app for his phone and he has altered the colors for the lights and apparently he managed to change the signals from the canopy. Now the signal that normally is blue has become light yellow. We don’t see any change in color when changing the flight mode….. When asking the Novax to fly home, it flashes the white as usual, and it works, it flies home and lands.
    The Novax has not been flown for a while and Im surprised that the flight mode signal has become yellow. What does that mean?

    Best Regards/Lars

    ps: Now I read about the status indication lights the Novax 350 communicates. It’s a bit strange, our yellow (or white) behaves as the blue signal did before, It becomes steady, solid, when the GPS-signal is reached. According to the Status Indication Table there should be no solid yellow/or white. The GPS-function works and the Novax flies as normally, but with a light yellow steady signal light, instead of blue
    Is the Canopy damaged?
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    Hey Lars,

    For saving settings on the radio you need to press and hold the okay button down. Once held down for a moment it should return to previous screen but should save the setting. Try this and see if it works for you.

    In regards to the yellow LED notification you are experiencing. This is known as APV flight mode. It's a smoothed out version of GPS Beginner mode that helps when using a gimbal to give smoother movement of the drone so that flight speed, max angle and leveling are all more limited.

    This was setting change was probably made by your son using the app. As the mode can be accessed from the app and turned on and off. You can access this feature by going to the Flight Control tab on the home screen of the app. Scroll down and you will find the AP Lock Setting. Tapping on it will enable or disable this flight mode.

    (click to enlarge)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_7041.PNG 
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    You can learn a little more about this mode from the app v2.0 video

    I hope this helps answer your questions. And should you have more, don't hesitate to ask.

    Best regards,

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    OK , thanks, yes now changes in the settings are staying. And, setting the end positions to 120% - 0% helps a little, but still the movement of the gimbal is way too small. Only a little part of the turning of the knob moves the camera, most of the turning gives no effect at the gimbal.

    Is there a way for me to analyze the signal between the gimbalX-port and the gimbal? Perhaps that’s a way to find out if the problem is at the x-port or in the gimbal? I can make a cable with extensions/connections and use a scope, perhaps. What type of signal is in that cable?

    Thanks for the explanation of the yellow signal at the canopy, my son said that he thought he was responsible for that.


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    Hey Lars,

    Glad you were able to save the settings now and also that you now know there isn't an issue in regards to the yellow LED notifications you are receiving.

    So it just seems we need to get the travel adjust working correctly for your gimbal. There shouldn't be any initial setup for this. It should just plug in and work. But for the sake of trying, let's see if performing a radio calibration works. Maybe for some reason the full travel of the vr B knob isn't working. You can also check this by going into the Menu and going to the setup section (same as end points) and going to display. Then press the down button. This will show channels 7 and 8. Now try turning the knob and see if you get full travel all the way from one end to the other on the graphic bar.

    If you do then this should be communicated on the drone end to the X port. If not then performing a channel learning calibration should fix this.

    Here is the video for using the app calibration procedure

    See if any of this helps. If not then the next step will be performing a factory reset on the gimbal itself.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team


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