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Thread: x3 gimbal

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    Hello Jamie

    Im back to trying to fix the gimbal problem. First checking that vr B knob is doing the full travel according to the graphic bar and then trying to do the calibration using the app with the smartphone but this didnt work out. The calibration routine stopped at .... -waiting for response from the Novax
    and then absolutely nothing happened, I waited a long time. When I disconnected the battery the pairing went away, so so far it was OK

    Do I have to disconnect the gimbal from the Novax before doing this? (at least I had disconnected the propellers)

    What am I doing wrong here? I went back to factory settings on the transmitter first, before doing anything at all

    Regards/LarsClick image for larger version. 

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    Hello Jamie

    I now have done both gyro and compass calibration with the app and that works fine, successful communication between the app and the Novax 350. When I’m about to do the transmitters calibration it hooks up and stops at –waiting for response from the Novax. Something happens, the light at the canopy changes to red, the illumination on the “legs” vibrate somewhat but the communication isn’t going on and I don’t get orders to move anything on the transmitter.
    The Novax is not crashed, it just has fell on its nose at a couple of landings so I hope that its not a mechanical issue on the Novax. Could there be some settings that’s my son before has done when using the app?
    Right now we don’t have any control of the gimbal with the radio, it always faces downwards when the Novax battery is connected. I hope I can get back to that level of control just by trying a couple of times more.
    Are there different versions of the app? the one we have is number 0.0 (I think it is)


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    Hey Lars,

    Just to clarify, can you still control the unit in terms of switching flight modes and starting and stopping motors?

    In regards to going back to factory settings on the radio did you just set the settings back to normal or perform a factory reset on the radio?

    I ask because it could be possible that you lost the bind between the NovaX 350 and the radio.

    Please inspect and ensure that you still have Rx signal showing up on your radio, to ensure the 2 our bound and communicating together.

    You can do so by doing the following:
    -Power on Radio
    -Power on NovaX 350
    -Check for Rx signal notification.
    This pic will show you what you're looking for:
    (click to enlarge)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you are receiving this, then this indicates your radio and receiver are still bound.

    If you aren't receiving this then you will need to perform the rebind procedure.
    This video can help you with this process. Of course you don't need to worry about the installation part since it's already installed, but it also explains the binding procedure:

    If neither of these work than our next step will be to perform a re-calibration of the gimbal itself to see if this fixes the issue of you not having control of the gimbal.

    Here is a link to the software and also you will find the manual for using the software and performing a recalibration of the gimbal.

    Please let me know if this helps any Lars. I definitely look forward to your reply and want you to get up and flying!

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    You were correct that I managed to loose the contact between the transmitter and the Novax. After binding I could do the transmitter calibration and then the gimbal is controlled by the vr B. Now that things are working,,.... -I think I saw that you recommended another camera beside the GoPro, but I have troubles to find that again.

    do you have a recommendation on a camera that perhaps is a bit cheaper than the GoPro?


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    Hey Lars,

    That's great to hear! So glad you are up and running again.

    In regards to a cheaper camera option you may want to check out the Xiaomi Yi action camera. Our gimbal is designed to also hold this camera as well.

    Best regards,


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