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    Sad Battery Question

    I have a NovaX 350. The stock battery that came with the unit I have used exactly 3 times. I charged the unit fully per instructions upon receiving the unit. After my last flight, I let the battery "rest" over night, then the next morning plugged the battery in for charging. When I plugged the battery in, the "1S" light and the "Charge Status" light alternate blinking red?

    I have the Lipo type selected as well as the 3 cell type selected. Not sure what to do...

    Any suggestions? Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks!
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    Hey KS,

    So sorry to hear of the issue that is occurring. Unfortunately when the Charge Status is flashing red this means that it is recognizing/encountering some issue. Unfortunately it's a little challenging to determine whether the issue is with the charger itself or with the lipo battery pack.

    Do you happen to have a lipo checker so you can check the voltage of each cell on the lipo or a multi-meter? If you have either of these this could be helpful to check the voltage.

    If not however, please no worries. We will be happy to supply the needed replacements to get you back up and flying as quickly as we can.

    Again we apologize for the issue that is occurring. Issues with our batteries and charger is extremely rare, so please note that this isn't a common problem, and hopefully replacing both you shouldn't experience this issue again.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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    I do have a multi-meter, but not a LIPO checker. Could you recommend a decent LIPO checker? Also, if you have suggestions on a larger battery charger (ability to charge multiple batteries, test, etc) that would be welcome as well.

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    Hey KS,

    Honestly it's hard to recommend a favorite lipo checker as they all kind of perform the same task and for the most part are pretty basic in their function. If you wanted to go online and just search lipo checker you'll find hundreds of options if not more. Maybe just take a look through and pick the style you like best, or check reviews. But like I said they are all pretty much the same and likely even most of them all come out of the same factory.

    Since you have a multi-meter, for your current situation, you could definitely use it to quickly determine whether or not the issue is on the charger end or a bad cell on your lipo battery.

    Here's a video link that explains how to use your multi-meter for checking the individual cell voltages.

    As for chargers, there are also many, many of those out there as well. So it's hard to recommend a best. I have personally been a fan of the HiTec line of chargers and use them personally.

    If you get a chance to test out the lipo please let us know as we definitely want to help assist to get you back up and flying.

    Best regards,
    Jamie and the RC Logger Team

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