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Thread: Beginner Hover height

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    Sorry it took me a little while to respond, anyway I did get it directly from you guys and my order number is SI001094, thanks for the outstanding customer service!

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for the response. Please discontinue flying your unit. I will put a request in with our team, and get back with you shortly.

    Go big, fly hard.

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    okay, when should I expect a response?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tatrafan77 View Post
    okay, when should I expect a response?
    Hey there, after discussing your case internally we have agreed to replace your eye one. Please reference this forum discussion to A representative will contact you regarding the replacement.

    Have a great weekend!

    Go big, fly hard.

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    It seems that throughout the 10-15 or so times I've flown in beginner mode in a bedroom, sometimes I could have the throttle all the way up and the EO doesn't fly above a foot or so. I drop the throttle to stop the motors and start again and now it will fly higher. I feel brave enough to navigate in Sport mode, and there's no problem. Is this just simply to be expected as the mode limits power? Also, regarding prop height, what's the suggestion on putting prop back on the shaft? Push until you can barely see shaft between prop and frame?

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    I have the same issue with one of my Eye One's. In beginner mode it will not fly above 5 cm or so. Have replaced the battery, props, and motors to no avail. Sport and Expert seem to work fine. Used it maybe 7 battery cycles. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    For pilots that will be only starting out- ground affect could cause this condition. Fundamentally the wash coming from the props is now being re-circulated when holding a decreased hover height. The product can drift around consequently. A good hover height of 4 feet possibly even will eliminate this ground affect influence.
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    Hey blastoise,

    Welcome to the forums, great to have you hear. Ground effect is definitely always worth mentioning as it is very much an aspect to be considered when a copter is close to the ground.

    Thanks for sharing and again welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy.


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