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Thread: One engine always full steam

  1. #11, sorry I must not have made that clear. This was the quads maiden voyage, the first time it had been flown since I broke the seal on the packaging. LITERALLY, what I explained earlier was after opening the package, following the instructions on how to change the channel, binding the quad with the TX, then maiden crash! This is the reason I am so disappointed. I have read so many great posts about this quad and the other Eye One that I received flies AMAZINGLY! I have already, only hours after breaking the seal, put four battery packs through it (with a couple of small spills) without any mechanical or electrical issues whatsoever!

    MatLi (Chris), I believe from what I have read and what I have experienced that this is just a fluke board, especially at this price range. However, how this is handled from a customer service standpoint will have an effect on your customers’ perception of your business. I think you already know that especially with as active as you and Adam are in the forums. I want to take this quad and show it off to my friends and get some word of mouth/Facebook/G+/Twitter advertisements going on for you guys. Unfortunately now, I must make a caveat about a defective quad.

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    Hi there again. Just need to understand all facts before I answer since I need to make sure that I answer correct I believe this should be a best support practice. I am sure, given your complete explanation, that our team will handle the case accordingly. I will follow-up for you as soon as I am back at the office this Monday (its Sunday here now - speaking of support ).

    Have the guys from the shop where you purchased your unit from been in contact with you for replacement? If not, let me know and I will coordinate for you.
    MatLi (Chris)

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    I purchased the two EOs from RC-Drones. I sent them an email via they "Contact us" link on their webpage. No response yet, but it is the weekend. I appreciate your quick responses on this support forum and your assistance in this matter. Customer service is a big deal to me and it makes me a very loyal customer for future purchases if I know the company is going to take care of me.


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    I received an email from Anthony at He stated, I am paraphrasing, that I would just need to send the EO back and include the email in my package. RC-drones will identify and verify the fault and send me a replacement. I will update this forum with more information as I have it. My SPECULATION, I made that capitalized because I want that to be noticed, is that there are a small percent of the EO's that have a defect on the FCB (flight control board). I would even venture to say that less than 1% of the units produced would have this problem or there would be MANY more posts in the forums.

    I want to also reiterate that the other EO that I purchased is flying perfectly and I am very pleased with its performance. I am going to fly a couple more hours in beginner mode then ramp it up to sport mode. I want to get good quick so I can get a RC Eye 450 or 650 and do some FPV!

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    I hadn't realized that this was still out there without being updated. So, here is an update. I received a replacement quad, free of charge, from rc-drones and it flew perfectly fine. I have flow SO MANY batteries through both of these little quads. I really like the quality of the product, the quality of the people that sell the product, and the support that is behind these products. My next rc hobby purchase will be a product produced by rc logger!


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