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Thread: The "OneCase".

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    By the way after reading about the case and all of it's indestructible echaracteristics, I feel comfort in knowing if an apocolypse comes along and almost destroys the earth, my EYE One should still be okay once it's over.

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    Hi guys!

    Its finally here and shipping as from today onwards. Pre-orders will ship with priority from today.
    Thank you again for waiting for another great addition to the RC EYE range of accessories.

    Hope you guys like it.

    MatLi (Chris)

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    I have the One-s and used the box cut-out to align my cuts. I found that the 'Gear' was too close to the side. Since I kept the second layer and plan to cut that to hold other "Spare Parts", I trimed about 3/8" off the other side [controller] and stuck in on the Quad side. I will glue the foam later after I check the fit over time.

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