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Thread: RC EYE One Xtreme Thread.

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    I can assure you this is a very, very rare occurrence. We keep a close eye on forum threads and ticketing system to understand anything that is an issue in many units. This is not the case with what you are describing. May I ask where you have found so many that are all experiencing the same issue? We would certainly like to know this as we want to offer a product with excellence.

    How many flights have you had with your unit before this occurred? Any crashes before this began happening? Also how far away is the unit from you when this occurs and are you flying in an area that is heavily filled with wireless signals and/or radio/cell towers?

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    Hi jlcamp7,
    i had up to 30 flights and had some different problems with my unit which began while the 10-15th flight with a spontaneous jump to the left, sled over a roof and nearly landed in my neighbours koi pond. That occured in sport mode without acro-button use and i had NO crash before.
    After that i had to change 3 props and after maybe 10 flights the motors stopped while flight and it dropped like a stone.
    1 arm broke of the frame, 2 more props broke, 2 left motors did not spin anymore.
    Ordered a different frame, gemfan props and 2 new motors and no 10 flights later it dropped again (both times on lawn) this time only 2 blades broke.
    now i found out that the motors "freak out" when i pull sideways on the battery connector or even push on the fcb where the connector is: the left motors start frequently itself once only the back than both. Sometimes the front motor spins up faster until it shuts down with a red blinking led...

    im confused
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