Here some useful tips how to prevent your RC EYE One FC from burning. Some simple procedures can help you to enjoy your product for a long time. Let me start to establish a reason why the FC may burn. There are a few main considerations, excluding these where after market batteries are being used:

a) short circuit cause by shorted motor wires (rather rare)
b) throttle remains open while touching a foreign object (pilot fails to pull the throttle stick to zero fast enough)
c) propeller tracking is out of alignment, in most cases caused by failing to perform a visual inspection of the motor shaft.
d) propeller is binding

You can prevent most cases of burned FC by visually inspecting your EYE One even after an apparently just slight crash. I do that - and I have not had any burned unit - but I did have some bent shaft and damaged props. One of the most common causes is a propeller where the tracking is way out of alignment. The only cause for this is a bent motor shaft. Even a slightly bent shaft may have serious consequences if not rectified quickly!!

You can either replace the complete motor, or, what works in almost all cases, just use a flat pliers and carefully bent the main shaft back into position. It has worked for me on various occasions. Keep in mind, if you hit something a high propeller rotation speed, it is very much likely possible that a shaft is bent - this is normal and requires your attention!!

You can easily visually check if a propeller's tracking is out of alignment. Hover your RC EYE around 2 meters away from yourself at level with your eyes and observe that you can only "see" one straight rotating line per propeller. If one of the propeller appears to be visible "twice" (two lines), the tracking must be fixed immediately!!

What happens if a tracking misalignment is not fixed? Well, obviously one motor will have to work much harder, draws much more power and eventually gets rather hot. Next, you will see your FC burn at some point later.

I strongly suggest - always inspect for damage - number one attention should be your motor shaft. It will make things much easier and joyful for you.